• Liz is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had.
    Every class was planned to perfection with in depth spiritual development as well as physically challenging poses. I have learned so much about myself through yoga with Liz. She is a caring kind person who really believes in her practice as I do. She is knowledgeable in the history of yoga and includes quirky meditations and stories which I love. No two classes are the same. Her classes grounded me and made me feel ready for the week ahead. I am forever grateful for the life lessons I have learned through meeting Liz. Peace and love, Tara ❤️🙏🏼
  • I have found the yoga class very beneficial since attending, I have found Liz Szalai very supportive and patient when executing movements especially those that are slightly trickier.
    I hope to continue attending the class as long as I can. Elaine Roberts